Being Healthy is a Lifestyle

 A new trend that’s blowing up in today’s society is healthy living. Unfortunately, while it’s an easy trend to fake it till you make it, healthy living takes hard work and a lot of self control. Making healthy choices can be a lifestyle instead of chore, and I, a registered dietitian, am here to teach people who want to accomplish healthy minds and healthy bodies in a healthy way. My mission is to provide affordable nutrition education to people who want to live their life happily and healthfully.

My Story

Going into college I knew I had a passion, but like every other college student I wasn’t completely sure where that passion was. I love food, just as much as the next girl, and I knew I wanted to work around my love for food, so I went to college with a dream of baking and pastry, complete opposite of where I ended up, I know. But it took studying that food and really understanding what the ingredients were and how they worked for me to figure out my passion for nutrition. So when I went into the real world to work as a cook, it finally hit me that I didn’t want to work long hours slaving over the stove, because it turns out that baking and pastry wasn’t what I loved.

But I wasn’t giving up on the food dream yet. I talked to some people and took a few days to try and figure out where my life was headed when I found my true love: culinary nutrition.

Fast forward five years and I got my degree in Culinary Nutrition and made it through a vigorous internship, all to earn the title Lindsay Salvatore, RD (Registered Dietitian).

Making Goals a New Norm

I am a firm believer in making goals and then crushing them. Let me work with you to talk about goals: whether it be weight-loss, fixing bad lab results, living with diabetes, lowering high cholesterol, or just craving a healthier lifestyle. I’m trained to work with all these concerns and confident that I can get you the results you want. By tweaking your current lifestyle in the most effective of ways, you can make major changes, and I want to be a part of those changes and coach you into healthier habits. Working with me gives you the guidance, support, and accountability you need to get going and to keep going.

For those of you that think this is some kind of diet, and are also thinking that diets never work for you, this is not a diet. A lifestyle change isn’t something you try for a month, its a practice you master with years.

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