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Dreading a Diet?
When you think about living a healthy lifestyle, it’s always “I’ll start Monday,” right? For some reason the healthy lifestyle that everyone strives for has a nasty reputation of being expensive, difficult, and tasteless. Nutritious food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard, and as a consulting Registered Dietitian I am here to teach you how to make healthy food that tastes amazing, and how you can easily pair it with an active and hearty lifestyle. I promise that I can train you to live the fulfilling life you want in a way that doesn’t feel like a chore but does make you feel amazing. Starting can be as simple as connecting with me on an app. Instead of logging everything you eat, you just send me a picture on the app and I’ll give you quick feedback. With exercise goals I can be there to hold you accountable and inspire you to reach your workout aspirations. It will become such second nature that these small lifestyle tweaks won’t be painful.

To Meal Prep, or Not to Meal Prep
Everyone’s been there. Meal prepping is easy at first, and most likely you were excited to start. But after a few weeks it becomes old news: time consuming and just another chore. Meal prepping is important, it helps keep me on track and makes sure I get all nutrients throughout my week. Meal prepping doesn’t have to be dreadful. Here’s some tips I found for making meal prepping painless.

1. Do it all at once.

I spend about 30 minutes once a week on planning my menu for the next seven days. My menu usually includes a healthy breakfast, two different snacks, and different lunches and dinners. Once you plan a menu, it’s easy to make a grocery list and also makes it less likely you’ll forget anything at the store.

2.Sunday Cooking.

Sometimes if my week is going to be totally chaotic I cook everything when I have time on a Sunday. I usually prep some overnight oats for the week and pack my lunches. I don’t have to do this every week, but I’m really glad when I do, especially for those extra crazy weeks.

3.Daily lunch and dinner preps.

For those Sundays that I don’t want to prep the week, I make extra food for dinner every night so I can pack it for lunch the next day. This is my most popular method because it’s the easiest and I don’t completely dread every Sunday with this method.

In the end, finding what works best for you is the most important, and together we can figure out what fits best with your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a chore and with my help I’ll teach you how to incorporate it in ways that are barely noticeable in your routine, but will make a big impact in the way you look and feel.

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